Unveil the secrets of Paris.


Stuff Parisians Like gives you the tongue-in-cheek insights


to finally understand, appreciate, mock and make the most of life in the City of Lights.

Stuff Parisians Like. A funny (and insightful) book.

Over 20,000 copies sold already!

Book soon to be translated into Polish

Polish publisher Pascal bought the rights for 'Stuff Parisians Like' in Poland. Can't wait to see the book. And to hold in my hands a book I've written but that I won't understand single word of.

Interview on France 24's Culture Show

Just ran into this old interview, that was filmed before the book came out. Fun!

Discussing Paris on NPR with Rick Steves

Rick came to O Chateau a few year back. He was kind enough to invite me on his radio show to discuss all things Paris.

Soundtrack of the book, as imagined by awesome French radio station FIP

It was a real honor for me to have 30 minutes dedicated to my book on FIP, which IMHO is the best French radio station. They did a fantastic job not only with the readings, but also with the music selection.

Nice review →

Rave review for Stuff Parisians Like from literary critic and Paris old timer John Talbott

"In Paris, enthusiasm is considered a mild form of retardation. If you are happy, you must be stupid. On the other hand, if you complain, you must be smart."