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A few days only after its official release date, I wanted to share some of the recent write-ups for Into Wine. I'm delighted to report lots of enthusiastic reviews, and a growing interest for the book:

Dallas Wine Chick: "I started reading. And I couldn't stop. My husband, someone whom I never suspected to pick up a book about wine, had the same experience."

Unique Gifter: "There is probably a line every two pages that will have you laughing, out loud."

Soutern French Fried: "Into Wine is irreverent and full of humor, not things we normally associate with wine writing."

MyFrenchLife:- "The ultimate guide to appreciating wine."

Wineormous:"Magny never talks down to his reader. If you have an interest in wine, I recommend this book highly."

Bonjour Paris: "Olivier Magny’s latest book may induce you to make a few lifestyle changes."

The Daily Basics: "Into Wine is entertaining, readable, and will tell you everything you need to know about wine, French or otherwise."

Laissez Fare: "I recommend anyone with even a passing interest in wine to read it, and take its contents seriously. For although the book comes across as simple, there’s quite a bit of thought hiding behind its playful diction."

The Wine Economist: "Definitely an eye opener."

Benito's wine reviews: "Approachable and engaging"

Pursuitist: "Olivier Magny’s new book is full of oenological passion but something else lurks beneath."

Weekend in Paris: "Loads of fun facts - I am a fan."

Steamy Kitchen:"Both delightfully humorous and tremendously informative"

Reading, Writing & Wine: "A terroirist's manifesto."

The Yellow Table: "A must-read for anyone wanting to learn the basics about wine, in a totally fresh, approachable way."

Food 52: "Drinking wine is fun. Olivier Magny makes learning about it fun, too."

I have been working on this book for five years, so it makes me truly happy to read all these terrific reviews. I did my very best to write a book that is both informative and fun, (and one that would pay for itself many times over). Now I don't want to celebrate on my own, I want to celebrate with you! That is why I've designed a terrific offer for my readers (i.e. you): just email me a copy of your Amazon receipt for Into Wine and you'll receive $349 worth of FREE gifts.

My email address: misterwinetasting@gmail.com. And, for what it's worth, the Amazon page is right here. Thanks you so much for your continuous support.


Woohoo... After almost 5 years of work, Into Wine is ready to go to print.

So excited!

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Interview on Rick Steves' radio show

Rick Steves attended a tasting at O Chateau a few years back. He was kind enough to have me on his show to discuss wine.

Advance copies soon to be sent out. can't waitto hear back!.